About the blog / Comments policy

Hi everybody! This here is my blog. It careens from progressive theory to blogosphere history to personal matters, and back again.

I have a lot of privilege and consequently I will probably fuck up at some point. I welcome corrections. Please allow me some silent time to work through my inevitably defensive reaction before responding.

Sometimes I do not respond to perfectly innocuous comments or e-mails, or I respond slowly. This is an anxiety thing. I have issues with checking my e-mail. If it has been an inordinate amount of time (say, four days) and you require a response, feel free to contact me again. This helps my mind get out of the “it’s too late to reply she’s gonna hate me I’m such a fuckup” rut.

Comments are moderated for hate. Remember that ALL people matter. Remember that slurs are not OK no matter who you are. I am also thinking that even particularly cruel statements (“You little piece of shit”) are not good ideas even if they are not slurs. No matter who you are!

Also! I refuse to be held responsible for covering or not covering any given current event. I REFUSE! This is not a news blog. I do not watch television news. I do not read the newspaper. I do not follow news sites. The only news I know is from word of mouth or my blog feed. Consequently I am generally a couple of days behind, and my goal for this blog has little to do with current events of any sort. This is a personal blog.

One thing I really like is comments. Please do not be embarrassed to comment on an old post.


This blog is here to make me happy. Comments which do not make me happy may be edited or deleted. Note that I often sacrifice short term happiness for long term happiness. This involves:

-Engaging with criticism which makes me upset or angry, because it is criticism that is necessary to hear, and
-Not engaging with criticism which makes me upset or angry, because sometimes I just have to take care of myself or, in the long term, I will burn out.

Abuse makes me unhappy. It will not be tolerated on my blog. This includes:
-dehumanizing humans,
-policing identity,
-calling others names they do not wish to be called by,
-spreading lies about other people,
-using snark to degrade someone you’re currently in a conversation with,
-pressing someone who does not wish to engage with you to engage,
-making fun of someone for saying their feelings are hurt (including privileged people whose feelings should not be centered in a given conversation; the word “fee-fees” is not allowed here),
-mocking someone by using baby talk to them,
-addressing your complaints about/issues with someone who is present to a third party; treating someone like they’re not there,
-asserting that a person or their ideas are stupid.

This is a partial list and will be edited as events bring new specific abusive behaviors to my attention.

Hatefulness on my blog also makes me unhappy. If you hate me, you are not allowed to comment here. If you hate my writing, you are not allowed to comment here. You are also not allowed to express hatred of other commenters on my blog. Even if you really, really hate them. If you are that opposed to one another, one of you is probably banned anyway.

I feel no obligation to engage with people on my own blog. When I do engage, which is most of the time, that is my choice. I am not obligated to engage with you here. You may have a very carefully composed critique, an admirably impassioned one, but if I don’t feel like arguing with you, sometimes I simply won’t. The odds of this happening decrease sharply as I get to know you and like you.

I have pet peeves and quirks. Here, I get to enforce them. Here’s a partial list of things I will edit, to be added to as they come up:

-Nonstandard English, but only if it interferes with reading and understanding your comment. I don’t think there’s a virtue in standard English except as much as standardizing things makes ’em easy to read. If you make a typo that changes one word into another, or a misplaced punctuation mark that changes the meaning of a sentence, I’ll probably fix it.

-Comments consisting entirely of “oops, I made this error, it should have said X instead of Y” will be deleted. I don’t mind if you make them, I just don’t want them cluttering the page. I’ll probably fix whatever it is for you (unless if I feel like I’m being taken for granted as the invisible Error Fixing Genie.) Comments consisting partially of “oops I made this error” will probably have that part edited out.

-Any comment in which you quote someone else’s words and say “This” makes my eyes twitch. I will change your “this” to something else, probably “I completely agree with what you said and would like to register my appreciation for the way you said it.” Unless I feel like I’m being taken for granted, in which case your comment may be deleted or edited into something that amuses me.

-Too much internet speak also makes my eyes twitch. I speak specifically of the overuse of the word “fail.” Particularly, integration of the word “fail” into another word, to create a portmanteau–for example, Failconcile or Failerico or GFail or whatever the hell. I will edit such travesties out of your comments with extreme prejudice. (Known exception: Racefail 2009.) I will also edit uses of “fail!” as an exclamation into “failure!”

-Also note that this is a snark-light blog. I’m not saying any of us should never engage in snark here, but I prefer to keep things mostly earnest, because otherwise I start getting confused about who is serious when.

Have fun! I know I will.


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