About Quix

What’s up, everybody? My nick is Quixotess and you’re on my blog. Here is everything you need to know about me:

My favorite internet tools are pastebin, imgur, Youtube, and Google Maps. I believe that the internet has made young people more literate and creative, not less. I collect books. The object from a book that I would most like is Lyra’s alethiometer, and the knowledge to understand it. The superpower I most desire is flight, although I acknowledge that teleportation is clearly safer given that scientists would never be able to keep you in a cage. I’ve known most of my best friends since elementary school. My favorite animal is the cat, and its wilder cousins, although I acknowledge that wolves, dogs, and hyenas can be pretty sweet. I dislike people who dislike mammals. I live in Seattle and like the weather there. I like rich colors and rich foods. I have an ongoing preoccupation with English wordplay and the best ways to say things, although I dislike puns. I am easily distracted. I will edit your school paper for you, maybe.

I came to feminism quite early in life, but only to explicit feminism a couple of years ago. I’m nineteen years old now. I was lucky to never have a Feministing phase nor a IBTP phase: I went straight to Shakesville and radical women of color*, and collected two hundred dollars.

*tho I am not a woman of color myself

As a young’n I am still learning about what’s appropriate and my brain is still developing, and if you keep that in mind so will I.

My values include kindness, empathy, curiosity, community, anger, redemption, forgiveness, movement, health (the kind that isn’t normative), pleasure, peace (the presence of justice one, not the absence of tension one), vulnerability, friendship, and love.

I can be contacted at quixotess@gmail.com. This is my primary e-mail, but an immediate response is not guaranteed.


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  1. tigtog said,

    Quix, I think your gmail has been hacked – I just got some spam from it. I think you might need to change your password. Feel free to delete this message.

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